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Kite Tails & Line Art

Part of the fun of kite flying is that it is ever changing, and adding one of these great tails can instantly double the impact of your kite! Kite Tails also add a lot of stability to your kite when the wind is a little fickle. Shorter Kite Tails work best in light winds, and longer ones when the breeze really picks up. You can also fly tails or windsocks from your kite's line, which just adds to the fun.

 6' Nylon Streamer Tail 6' Nylon Streamer Tail
Five 1 3/8" wide x 6' long Hemmed Streamers
A great strong wind tail for small sized kites

$6  #P-99122
(exact streamer colors can vary from those shown)

 Rainbow Tube Tail Rainbow Tube Tail
24' long and all the colors of the rainbow!
Spectacular Display as a tail or line art!
Join 2 or more for larger kites

$16  # P-99851

 Three Legged Drogue Three Legged Drogue
A graceful spinning tail or unique Line Art!
Perfect for medium or larged sized kites
3' Long in bright primary colors!
$14  #D-1101Y

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