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    Parafoil 7.5

Parafoil 7.5

The newest member of the Tecmo kite series, this great Parafoil Kite delivers strong lifting power in a compact package and is easily taken along with you wherever you travel. Known for their lifting power, parafoils are now in wide use for just that purpose, and Parafoil 7.5 will carry loads of your favorite line art aloft with ease! Comes complete with hoop winder and 90# twisted kiteline packaged in an easy to stow custom nylon bag!


Race Fan? This One's for You !

by Premier Kites
2'-4" wide X 3'-2" high
6-20 mph wind range
ripstop nylon
5-streamer tail included
nylon bag included
100# line included

$38  #P-12042
Sold Out! New Design Coming Soon!


Recommended Accessories

 Braided Dacron Kiteline and Hoop Winder Braided Dacron Kiteline
Tangle Resistant line makes flying easier!

$14  100 lb X 500 ft (line only)  #N-58058
Temporarily Out Of Stock
$19  100 lb X 500 ft + Hoop Winder  #B-G0003
Temporarily Out Of Stock

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