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    Flip 'N' Fly Sled Kite

Flip 'N' Fly Sled Kite

Small enough to fit in your back pocket, this little kite is the ultimate in portability. Simply flip it out of it's built in storage pocket and it's up in the air seconds, you'll never miss the chance to fly with this fun sled kite!


Fits in Your Pocket !

by Premier Kites
1'-5" wide X 2'-2" high
6-20 mph wind range
ripstop nylon in assorted colors
attached streamer tails
built-in storage bag
20# line included
a great choice for kids!  A great Kite for Young Children

$12  #P-12012

Temporarily Out Of Stock

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Includes 500' of 20# Twisted Kite Line
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