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     Pyramid Box Kite

Pyramid Box Kite

A contemporary rendition of Alexander Graham Bell's turn-of-the-century Tetrahedral Kite, the Pyramid Box Kite is living history! For years only built for the expensive custom kite market, New Tech has made this truly unique kite available to any kite flyer!


Carry On The Tradition !

by New Tech Kites
3'-5" wide X 3'-1" high X 2'-4" deep
7-20 mph wind range
ripstop nylon on fiberglass spars
30# line included

$31  #N-55024

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Recommended Accessories

 Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline
6" Diameter
Includes 500' of 30# Twisted Kite Line
Easy on hands, large or small

$10   30 lb X 500 ft  #P-98530

 Braided Dacron Kiteline and Hoop Winder Braided Dacron Kiteline
Tangle Resistant line makes flying easier!
500' of quality braided kiteline on a cardboard spool
Add a Hoop Winder for a complete solution!

$10   50 lb X 500 ft (line only) #N-58056
$15  50 lb X 500 ft + Hoop Winder #B-G0001

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