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     Blue Moon Kite

Blue Moon Kite

Kathy Goodwind delivers another winning kite design with her Blue Moon Kite! Based on her earlier 8-pointed Ariel Star kite, the Blue Moon is a proven stable flyer that is extraordinarily easy to fly, ensuring even absolute beginners hours of successful flying throughout the season. A naturally high flying kite, the Blue Moon's unusual shape and smiling moon graphics are a truly striking sight against an azure sky, calmly bobbing and weaving with the shifting breezes with it's long triple streamer tails in tow. This is an excellent choice for any kite flyer regardless of their age or experience, and the Blue Moon's broad smile is completely infectious - certain to bring smiles to the faces of your friends and family!


You Just Have To Smile !

by NewTech Kites
3' wide and 3' tall
5-18 mph wind range
ripstop nylon on fiberglass spars
30# line on handle included
9' triple streamer tails included
a great choice for kids!  A great Kite for Young Children

Temporarily Out Of Stock
$26  #N-54081

Recommended Accessories

 Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline
6" Diameter
Includes 500' of 30# Twisted Kite Line
Easy on hands, large or small

$10   30 lb X 500 ft  #P-98530

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