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     Opie the Octopus Kite
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Opie The Octopus

"What a cute kite!" That's the common reaction people give when they see an Opie for the first time. These small Octopus Kites are loads of fun, with their split tails flittering in the breeze, they put on a delightful show swimming through a cloud filled sky. Extremely light pulling, they make a perfect kite for even the youngest kite flyer in your family!


What a Cute Kite !

by New Tech Kites
1'-8" wide X 7'-9" long 
5-18 mph wind range
ripstop nylon on fiberglass spars
150' of kite line included
a great choice for kids!  A great Kite for Young Children

Currently Sold Out

Recommended Accessories

 Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline
6" Diameter
Includes 500' of 30# Twisted Kite Line
Easy on hands, large or small

$10   30 lb X 500 ft  #P-98530

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