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Dancing Diamonds Box Kite

A beautiful unique winged box kite that stops people in their tracks! The Dancing Diamonds Box Kite puts on a stunning show dancing across the sky with it's long dual tails trailing behind! A great choice for moderate steady breezes, this kite is a strong flyer and is easy for beginners to handle!


A Beautiful and Stable Flyer !

by In The Breeze
4'-0'' wide X 3'-0'' high
6-20 mph wind range
ripstop nylon on fiberglass spars
12' streamer tails included
50# line included

$20  #I-29100

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Recommended Accessories

 Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline
6" Diameter
Includes 500' of 50# Twisted Kite Line
Easy on hands, large or small

$12   50 lb X 500 ft  #P-98550

 Braided Dacron Kiteline and Hoop Winder Braided Dacron Kiteline
Tangle Resistant line makes flying easier!
500' of quality braided kiteline on a cardboard spool
Add a Hoop Winder for a complete solution!

$10   50 lb X 500 ft (line only) #N-58056
$15  50 lb X 500 ft + Hoop Winder #B-G0001

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