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     Acrobatx Stunt Kite
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Acrobatx Dual-line Stunt Kite

The name says it all, Acrobatx is a highly technical trick kite especially well suited for skilled intermediate level trick flyers. Extraordinarily well constructed for a kite in this price range, the Acrobatx will easily take you from your first steps in advanced trick flying through the more challenging tricks being performed in competitive circles today. Start in moderate winds, then move to lighter winds as your skills grow, Acrobatx is very responsive and excels in light wind flight, with amazingly tight turns and easy stalls and turtles.

"The first time I picked up the Acrobatx I simply could not put it down ... for what it's capable of you simply could not ask for a better deal. Flying Wings has hit yet another home run in succesion of the popular Beetle with the Acrobatx."
 --- Robert Randolph, Kitelife Magazine

Click Here to watch Acrobatx in action in this inspiring video clip. You will be astounded at just how capable the Acrobatx is! [Opens in a new window]

(Complements of Flying Wings Kites : Java 1.5.0_09 streaming)


Incredibly Trickable!

by Flying Wings Kites
7'-2 1/2" wingspan
3-20 mph wind range
ripstop nylon on 6mm carbon spars
custom storage bag

80# Dynema line, winder & wrist straps included

Skill Level:
Skill Level 3 Skilled-Intermediate

$112  Choose Your Color:

Rainbow  #F-16003   Temporarily Out Of Stock
Blue  #F-16001

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Extremely strong & slick

$14   80 lb x200 ft  #N-58032

Temporarily Out Of Stock

 Flight School DVD Flight School DVD
Top quality instruction from legendary Instructor Dodd Gross. This DVD teaches his progressive Basic Training program step by step into advanced flying with over 60 stunt kite tricks! An intro to light wind & indoor flying is also included.

$26  #N-58202

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