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Brilliant Karner Blue Butterfly Kite

Exceptionally beautiful in flight, the Karner Blue Butterfly Kite is really a joy to fly. It's split wing design is more advanced than typical butterfly kites and allows it to put on a fun show gently flapping it's wings with every change in the breeze. A perfect gift for any butterfly fan, kids especially find this kite fascinating. And the colors are extraordinary, brilliant, amazing! Treat your butterfly fan to a smile, the Karner Blue Butterfly Kite is a sure fire hit wherever it flys!


Feeling a little Blue?

by New Tech Kites
4'-2" wide X 2'-4" high
5-18 mph wind range
nylon on fiberglass spars
30# line included
a great choice for kids!  A great Kite for Young Children

$26  #N-54114

Temporarily Out of Stock


Recommended Accessories

 Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline Hoop Winder with Twisted Kiteline
6" Diameter
Includes 500' of 30# Twisted Kite Line
Easy on hands, large or small

$10   30 lb X 500 ft  #P-98530

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