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Knots For Kite Flyers

Knowing these handy knots is very helpful to kite flyers. They're easy to learn and have a multitude of uses. Give them a try, you'll be glad you did!.

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The Overhand Knot

The basic Overhand Knot is most frequently used to create a stopper knot in kite line, especially for kite bridles. It is also the basic knot used when sleeving higher-end Stunt Kite Spectra linesets. Though it's not critical, it is good practice to lock the working end of your kite line with a second simple overhand knot as shown below in the final 2 steps.

The Larkshead Knot

Without question the most commonly used knot by kite flyers, the Larkshead Knot is used to attach kite line to the bridle of many single-line kites and dual-line stunt kites. It also comes in handy to attach your kite line to some stunt kite wrist straps.

Attaching Stunt Kite Line-sets to Wrist Straps - Many stunt kite wrist straps come with a short loop of chord with an overhand knot stopper to attach their line-sets to. In this case, you would use a Larkshead Knot as show above to attach the kite line. But many of the current wrist straps today come with a plastic or metal ring (often triangular) for kite line attachment. The diagram below shows how to create a Larkshead Knot for use with these modern wrist straps.

The Fisherman's Clinch Knot

For single-line kites, it is often helpful to attach swivels to your kite line to help reduce the tendency for line to get twisted while in flight, which will ease the retrieval of your kite. The Fisherman's Clinch Knot is the most reliable way to attach a swivel, and maintains most of your kite line's strength. Some stunt kite flyers also like to use swivels to attach their kite line, though this is not common practice with seasoned flyers.

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