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Dual-line Kite Flying


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Launching Your Stunt Kite

Launching most dual-line stunt kites is fairly simple, as long as the wind cooperates. If your kite has standoffs, stake your handles or wrist straps, and set the kite on it's back or with a good breeze, standing slightly upright using the tension of the line to hold it in place. Once your kite is ready, take your wrist straps and stand the kite upright. A quick tug backwards is all it takes to launch. If your stunt kite does not have standoffs, you may need the help of a friend to hold the kite upright or even give it a gentle upward push in order to launch.

Flying Your Stunt Kite

Control Basics - Once your stunt kite is aloft, you are ready to explore it's capabilities and your own. Generally speaking, it's best to keep your hands fairly close together and in front of you, making turns and maneuvers with small movements. The temptation is to jerk the line, but it really isn't necessary under most circumstances. A pull on the right line will cause the kite to turn right, and a pull on the left will cause the kite to turn left. Similarly, a push on the right line will cause your kite to go left, and vice versa. a strong prolonged pull on either line pull will cause the kite to loop. Kite lines will wind around each other as you make successive loops, and looping the other direction will unwind them. Basic flying is really that simple! The diagram below describes the control basics.

The Wind Window - Your flying range is limited by what is commonly referred to as it's wind window - a factor of your stunt kite's angle to the wind and the length of your lines. Directly down wind from where you are standing, the wind is it's strongest and the kite flies fastest. As you approach the outer edges of the window, your kite's angle to the wind changes, and it spills wind causing it to slow down and pull less. This is where most of the advanced stunt kite flying takes place. The further from the center of the wind window you get the more dramatic your hand movements need to be to affect your kite's direction. But pull or push too hard and you may spill the wind, and loose control or crash land your kite. It's not hard, but it takes practice and that's the challenge of stunt kite flying. You will also want to try walking forward or backward to speed or slow the momentum of your kite. Once you have the basics down, experimentation is the best teacher, but a good instructional video is essential to learn the more complex maneuvers and tricks.

Landing Your Stunt Kite

Controlled landings take a little practice and in combination with advanced tricks can be quite impressive! The basic landing is accomplished by flying your kite to an outer edge of the wind window, turning the nose upwards, and walking forward until your kite touches down. A little practice and you'll have it down in no time!

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