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Be Safe!

Kite flying is a fun and safe family activity, but it is important to follow a few guidelines to ensure it stays safe for everyone!

See Flying Kites with Kids and Kite Flying Basics for more info.
Also see Single-line Kite Flying and Dual-line Kite Flying

Pick your Kite Field

Where you fly your kite is critical for safety. You should pick an open area, free of trees, buildings, power or phone  lines, or any other overhead obstacles, away from roads and groups of people.

Avoid trees and buildings -   While trees and buildings upwind can obviously block the wind making it impossible to fly, downwind trees are notorious for "eating" kites as they create turbulence which affects your kite's ability to stay aloft. Once a kite is in a tree, do not climb the tree to retrieve it, the upper and outer branches where your kite is likely to be will not support the weight of a person, and you can fall and be hurt very badly. Also, as most people know, while climbing up a tree can be exciting, it is much more difficult to climb down!

Avoid overhead power lines - Overhead power lines are extremely dangerous and carry high voltage that is very hazardous. It is very important that you avoid overhead lines, and if your kite or kite line ever finds itself crossing a power line, you should not try to retrieve it yourself. Even kite line  slightly damp from humidity can conduct electricity. Carbon spars on many high-end kites are also very conductive. Leave your kite where it is and contact the local power company to assist you.

Avoid roads and crowds - Kites are dependent on the wind, and that is the one thing you as a kite flyer have no control over. Wind often dies suddenly, and a kite falling from the sky can be dangerous to unsuspecting bystanders or damage other people's property. Kite line laying across a road after a kite falls can be dangerous to you and the cars traveling on the road.

Stunt kite flyers should always be aware of onlookers wandering into their wind window. Stunt kites fly at incredible speeds and can cause injury - always stop flying and warn people of the danger your kite poses.

Avoid airports and flight paths - Stay away from Airports, and fly at a reasonable altitude. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict rules concerning airspace, and violating these rules can get you in big trouble, as well as endanger other people. Two rules apply to kites under 5 pounds (a 5 pound kite is huge, all of our kites are well below this weight - more stringent rules apply to these large kites).

1. You may not operate a kite in a manner that creates a hazard to other people, other people's property or aircraft.

2. If you plan to fly within 5 miles of an airport, you must get permission from the airport first.

Your community may also restrict flying over public roads, or in certain areas. It is always best to check before you head out.

Pick your day

The weather should be clear with no rain in sight - remember, lightning can precede or follow a storm by more than 10 miles!

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