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Summer Time! Time for Fun in the Sun!

Whether you're new to kite flying or have been crazy about kites for years, Breeze Chasers Kite Shop has just the right thing to bring you hours of kite flying fun! From high-performance stunt kites to radical new box kites, Breeze Chasers online store has some of the most exciting kite designs available today, and great kites for kids too - delta kites, parafoil kites, dragon kites, butterfly kites and a lot more! Let Breeze Chasers help you get the most out of your kite flying. Enjoy your visit, and be sure to check back in - new kites will be coming soon!

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Explorer Box Kite ON SALE !
SAVE 15% on Explorer
Box Kite

Explore the Sky!

A unique take on a historic kite, the Explorer is a brilliantly colorful modern kite design. Explore the Wild Blue Yonder with the Explorer Box Kite!
 Spotlight Delta Kites NEW at Breeze Chasers!

NEW at Breeze Chasers

Bold graphics grace this new kite from G-Kites. A strong flyer in a wide range of winds, the Spotlight Delta is a perfect kite for young and old kite flyers alike!
 Penta Cat Kite ON SALE
SAVE 10% on

Diamond Kite

Fun and Colorful

A fun traditional kite design in bold rainbow tie-dye colors, the Tie-Dye Diamond kite is a fun and active flyer sure to bring big smiles to little faces!

New at Breeze Chasers!

Meridian Box Delta Kite
Box Delta

Perfect for Kids!

Sunshine Dragon Kite!
Dragon Kite

Elegant Beauty!

Hazard Box Delta Kite!
Box Delta

Bold Brilliant Flyer!

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